15 Websites to Visit Every Day

15 Websites to Visit Every Day

These are a few of the hidden and not-so-hidden gems of the web that are good for the mind and job.

On occasion, I’ll guest lecture for undergraduate classes, and when I open up the room for questions, there is one that always seems to come up: “What would you think is the most important quality that makes a marketer successful?” It’s a great question and while there are plenty of answers that can be given, there is one that I always share.

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I truly think that keeping up-to-date with the goings on in the industry and familiarizing oneself with the ins and outs of new and trending techniques/products is key to a marketer’s success. Not too long ago, I wrote an article about some trends I have noticed after attending ad:tech in New York. One thing I noted is how quickly this industry pivots to accommodate market trends and demand. Therefore, I think it is absolutely essential that any good marketer be on top of everything that is happening.

To help with this, there are several websites that I like to visit every day. Some of them are industry-specific, some are broad and some might seem like they’re on this list just for fun, but they often feature a gem or two that can make life a lot easier.

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So, to get started with your daily education on this industry and its tangents, here are some of the best marketing websites that you should be visiting every day.


This seems like a pretty obvious one to have on here, but it’s a great resource nonetheless. The ‘Social Media’ section on Mashable is filled with plenty of news and information about developments in the field, and simply sifting through some of those articles can be very helpful when it comes to keeping up to date with the goings on of the industry.


When it comes to the world of the up-and-coming, TechCrunch is among the best. With a seemingly endless stream of updates focused heavily on the startup world, you’ll always know what’s new and what might be worth trying.

Venture Beat

While the name suggests that, like TechCrunch, there is a focus on startups, there is a lot happening on Venture Beat. Yes, there is news from around the startup world, but there are also lots of up-to-the-minute announcements about new features, new ventures, acquisitions made in the tech world and plenty of practical news about how these bits of tech are being used in different industries.

The Next Web

The Next Web has tons of great information related not only to tech, social and marketing, but also news from around the world. That news tends to have some sort of affiliation with the tech world, but there are a lot of great insights that can give you a more global picture of the world of marketing and technology.

Mental Floss

Though not technically a marketing, social media or tech website, Mental Floss shares some of the most interesting bits of information and stories on the web. If you haven’t checked out this gem yet, I highly recommend it. There is always something interesting, and a lot of articles related to innovative ad campaigns (both throughout history and today) that are great for inspiration.

Marketing Profs

Just as the name suggests, Marketing Profs shares a ton of great information about the world of marketing and social media. There are articles written for beginners and ranging all the way up to some pretty high-level stuff. Though the technical side is not necessarily the focus (as with some of the sites listed above) the practical insights are hugely valuable.


Erik Qualman has created something extremely valuable in Socialnomics, and that value pierces through in his blog. If you haven’t read the book yet by the same name, I highly recommend it. But if you’re looking for insightful and easily digestible content in the meantime, the blog is a good place to start.


The eConsultancy blog is filled with lots of great information about the field of marketing, interesting and innovative campaigns, rising trends and a lot more. One of my favorite genres of article on their blog is the series of case studies they publish, often great resources to help keep up with trends to see how they are implemented practically.

Social Media Today

If you’ve stopped by Social Media Today, you might have read an article or two I’ve written for them. Social Media Today aggregates content from writers throughout the social media industry related to virtually any central or tangential topic in the field. There’s never a shortage of content flooding the website, so you can always find something new and useful.

Business 2 Community

Though social media is a topic on Business 2 Community, it is really about communications in general. If you work in the field and are looking to keep up-to-date with the goings-on both in and out of the socialsphere, this is definitely a resource to add to the list.

Search Engine Journal

Another great aggregator that I’ll write for from time to time, Search Engine Journal sounds like it’s all about that SEO, when in reality it is all about anything that can help your brand get discovered. That said, there is some of the best search engine marketing content of any blog/e-magazine/e-journal out there on SEJ.

Fast Company

There is a lot about business trends, advertising and general insights that make Fast Company one of the best out there. With lots of valuable interviews, case studies and guest posts, you can find almost everything you need on the Fast Company blog.

Business Insider

Though the Business Insider Facebook Page might read like an UpWorthy stream every once in a while, there are always lots of gems peppered throughout the website. Some of their best content are their reading lists, which feature books that every entrepreneur/marketer/startup CEO/etc. needs to read.

Occam’s Razor

For those of you who are not familiar with Avinash Kaushik, he is the Digital Marketing Evangelist at Google, and Occam’s Razor is his marketing/analytics-heavy blog. It truly is filled with insights from the best of the best, and it is a must-read for every marketer (regardless of specialization).

Advertising Age

As the name suggests, Ad Age has plenty of information about the advertising field, but considering the field has much to do with social and data, there has been a shift in the central topic of the content to focus on those elements as well.

BONUS: t2 Marketing International

Of course, I am a little bias putting this in here, but what can I say, I like what I write. As the primary author for our corporate blog, everything you see on the t2 Marketing International blog is usually written by me, and I like to think that, at least more often than not, it is pretty valuable information.

So start your day off by checking out these great resources and enjoy!

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Corey Padveen is a data-oriented marketing professional with a focus on statistical analyses of human behavior. This specialization has led him to speak and present at dozens of conferences around the world, to write for a variety of reputable online and print publications, and recently, to publish ‘Marketing to Millennials For Dummies’ as part of the world-renowned ‘For Dummies’ series. He regularly shares real world examples and findings from his research, and discusses how members of society are evolving as consumers, communicators, and a global network as a whole.

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